Annual calendars

Ever since 2009, Ceva Sante Animale Romania is supporting the Foundation Light Into Europe helping sight and heir impaired people.

Guide dogs are especially trained to help people with sight disabilities to move independently and in complete safeness. A guide dog is more than a pet, it is a trustworthy friend of the impaired person, it is the mean through which the person acquires an independent, active and productive life. 

In this moment in Romania there are 8 dogs in training and one fully trained. The Foundation Light into Europe is the only institution in Romania to provide this service.

The images of the calendar will introduce you the 8 puppies that are in training: Lewis, Clint, Angus, Abigail, Arthur, Amos, Angus and Ares, as well as some of the beneficiaries of the Foundation, Elena, Dragos andi Stefan. 

The calendars are a small help offered to them.  

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