Ceva in Romania

CEVA Sante Animale Romania SRL, part of the Group CEVA SANTE ANIMALE - producer of medication, biological products and other products of veterinary usage, is active on the Romanian market since 1995.

CEVA Sante Animale is ranked 9 in the world range of veterinary companies, while being ranked 4 among the producers of aviary vaccines in Europe. CEVA Sante Animale is offering innovative products in other three fields: pet behavior and nervous system, animal reproduction and antiinfectives.

With 15 years experience on the veterinary pharmaceutics market in Romania, 

The range of products offered by CEVA Sante Animale Romania is covering all the sectors of animal production especially poultry, swine, ruminants, horses and pets. In the past 5 years, CEVA Sante Animale Romania achieved, through continuous diversification of the portfolio and offering specialty technical services, an increase of its client portfolio as well as of its turnover.

The main advantage of our CEVA team is the strong connection between its team and the customers, CEVA's specialists offering highly qualitative technical services and consultancy in all the fields of raising animals: poultry, swine, ruminants.

Personalised vaccination programms and treatments, specially created by CEVA specialists, field technical trials, training and the presentation materials - these are a few examples of complementary services that insure an optimal usage of each product.

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