3rd edition of Ceva University Symposium organized in Romania

Seminar held in Poiana Brasov, September 2014

Ceva Romania had the pleasure to organize the 3 rd edition of Ceva University Symposium in Poiana Brasov, Romania. The theme of the event held from Sept. 12 to 14 was “Present and future solutions to control the Avian Infectious Bronchitis and Gumboro disease”. We took this opportunity to officially launch in Romania Ceva’s reference product for controlling the Infectious Bronchitis, “Cevac IBird”. 140 poultry specialists attended this Symposium, representing 90% of the companies involved in poultry production in Romania. The participants had the opportunity to update their The participants had the opportunity to update their knowledge in Infectious Bronchitis, Gumboro disease and hatchery vaccination.

In the first day of presentations and discussions, we shared with our customers updated scientific information, both from local and international levels and sources, related to the Infectious Bronchitis: Infectious Bronchitis Scientific Updates (Christophe Cazaban), Control of the Infectious Bronchitis (Pascal Paulet), and Romanian field trials results (Violeta Bejan).

Second day was all about the Gumboro Disease – Scientific updates and ‘’Stop the Gumboro Cycle’’ (Christophe Cazaban, Branko Alva) and about the innovative solutions for vaccination in the hatchery – In ovo vaccination (David van Grieken) and Subcutaneous and spray vaccination (Adrian Mocanu).

The event was organized under the aegis of the Romanian Veterinary College, all participants being awarded with participation diploma, each diploma bearing points valid in the National Program of Continuous Education for veterinaries. 

The overall experience from this event was excellent. The invited professionals showed high interest in the subjects discussed, as well as their appreciation of the symposium.

We would like to present our thanks, for their high level contribution, to our colleagues: David van Grieken, Branko Alva, Christophe Cazaban and Pascal Paulet. 

You can watch images from the seminar here and here.

Last update: 07/12/2015

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