Ceva Scholarship 2018

The official launch took place on January 11 2018 at FMV Cluj-Napoca.

Ceva Romania initiated the project “Ceva Scholarship” at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine from Cluj-Napoca. We started with the idea to support students from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine by providing a 500 RON/month scholarship during the second semester of the 2017-2018 academic year.

The official launch took place on January 11 2018 at FMV Cluj-Napoca. During the project, in which 13 of the best student of the terminal years have applied, relationships and bridges have been built between a multinational pharmaceutical company and valuable young students from Transylvanian University.

Questions were asked and answers were given, about the expectations of a company in full ascension, on the other hand, questions directed to the thoughts and aspirations of veterinarians new generation.

Task no 1Imagine (in a 2-10 pages) that you are a freshly hired medical representative of the company and the 6 month probation period has passed. What is your role in the organization? and what are your goals in order to contribute to the company?

Second task of the contest Describe (in one page)how you imagine your activity during a week.

There were two tasks in the contest, in which the participants exposed their point of view. Each composition included a lot of energy, enthusiasm and pragmatism, all sprinkled with the idealism of young minds who ambitiously believe that the future belongs to them and any challenge might be tackled.

The evaluation committee included both representatives of USAMV and CEVA  Romania:

  •   Vice-Rector USAMV Professor Dr. Andrei MIHALCA;
  •   Deputy FMV Cluj Professor Nicodim FIT;
  •   Student Representative, ASMV President, Andrei UNGUR;
  •   Marketing Director at CEVA Romania, Dr. Petrişor Costache BOBESCU;
  •   General Manager CEVA Romania, Dr. Ovidiu ŞUTEU.

Two of the best projects were awarded and it was decided that the scholars of the “Ceva Scholarship” FMV Cluj-Napoca 2018 edition are Maria-Cătălina MATEI and Ana-Maria BRATU, still we believe that through the acquired experience everyone is a winner.

The “Ceva Scholarship” will continue due to the 13 ambitious students who had the courage to join in premiere in this project. They are the heroes who inspired and motivate us to meet again in future academic years, and also to extend the project to all academic centers in the country.


Country Manager

Ovidiu SUTEU

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