Ceva Sport Team CROSS 1st APRIL 2018

On your marks, get set, GO!

Mixed relay teams Ceva P&L (Oana and Ovidiu) and Ceva Rum (Adelina and Cristian) joined the 2X5 km cross-country race held in Bucharest on 1st of April 2018. We ran for health, happy to spend together a spring day and enjoy the spirit of competition that characterizes us. We initially had some very different goals: some to take part in such event for the first time, others to test their sporting skills, but we all just wanted to enjoy running.

We had a goal (ranking in the first half) and we have completed it, despite the wind, the heavy rain and the large number of participants (over 130 relay teams that crossed the finish line).

TEAM (together each achieves more).

This thought motivated us and gave us wings. Very interesting: at the end of the race, after we start breathing at normal rhythm J, all of us confessed that if it was just an individual race, we might have abandoned it. Once again, we understood that together we can deliver maximum results. Even though each of us might had moments to quit or slow down the pace over the 5,000 meters of running, the thought that the team counts on him in achieving the proposed goal determined him to exceed his own limits and obtain a great performance.

On April Fool’s Day, we have left the comfort of our favorite chair in the living room, we have celebrated the sport, the team spirit, the accomplished objectives and we have enjoyed the LIFE.

Come beside us for our next challenge,

Ceva Sport Team

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