CevaVille - A glance into the Ceva Romania Family

The idea of CevaVille movie came from the desire to celebrate together the overall results achieved by our team in 2017.

These great results are the outcome of the individual efforts of each employee, but their level of achievement are generated especially due to team working spirit we all share. CevaVille is about Ceva Romania people and is it dedicated to them and it is intended to convey, to each member of the Ceva Romania team, a message of personal recognition and professional values: we are all more than just members of an organization, but an integral part of a family.

This film premiere took place in European Convention, Athens,7th of February, during the awards ceremony of the performing countries in the Zone. We are proud to highlight that Ceva Romania was on the podium with the champions of Europe for the 2017 overall performance. By projecting CevaVille in the ceremony hall, the entire Ceva Romania team was on the podium.

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