Launch Vectra 3D®

A complete protection solution for controlling ticks and other external parasites in dogs, launched in Romania by Ceva Santé Animale Romania

Due to climate change, globalization and increased tourism activities in recent years across the planet there is generally an increase in the frequency of external parasites (ticks, mosquitoes etc.) and diseases transmitted by them. Due to their way of life, dogs are a category extremely exposed to this phenomenon, and due to coexistence with humans, the risk of disease transmission is increased. Recent research on the canine population in Romania have shown the emergence of diseases transmitted by ectoparasites in our country, diseases unknown to veterinarians and dog owners a few years ago.

Market studies carried out in many countries on the wishes of pet owners have unequivocally shown that between 80 and 100% are concerned about external parasites and about the need for products primarily to prevent parasite bites and act before parasites consume blood and simultaneously transmit the disease. This would prevent the transmission of vector diseases. Until a few years ago, a product so innovative that act as a repellent for ticks, fleas, mosquitoes and other ectoparasites was not present on the Romanian market.

Following complex studies, Ceva Santé Animale research laboratories have developed and launched Vectra 3D®, a revolutionary product that prevents the dog from infestations with ticks, mosquitoes, sand and stable flies bites, but also with a strong lethal effect on fleas. The complex effect described is possible due to a unique combination of three active ingredients with synergistic and mutually supportive effects. At present, the benefits of using the above mentioned, make it unique in our country.

Vectra 3D® was officially launched in Romania in March 2015. The pet owners in Romania today are provided with an extra tool which will certainly contribute to a full protection from attacks by ectoparasites, and hence the diseases transmitted by them.

Ovidiu Suteu DVM PhD
Country Manager
Ceva Sante Animale Romania

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