Other therapeutic fields

Among the other therapeutic fields in which the Ceva Group proposes a significant offering, we will mention:


GALASTOP (Cabergoline)

GALASTOP is a prolactin inhibitor used to treat lactation in pseudopregnancy ("nervous pregnancy") in dogs.

Antibiotic treatment

Antibiotic treatment is one of CEVA’s areas of expertise, with the company offering a very wide range of antibiotic molecules.

Alongside veterinarians, CEVA is committed to the reasoned use of antibiotics.

The palatability of the tablets contributes to better compliance among dogs and, above all, cats, which are often difficult animals to treat. When an antibiotic treatment is prescribed by the vet, it is imperative that the animal owner follows directions to the letter, administering the medicine every day (sometimes even twice a day) for the number of days prescribed by the vet. The goal of this good practice is not only to cure the infection but to prevent the development of resistant bacteria. It is for this reason that CEVA has developed tasty, meat-flavoured tablets which make the administration of medicine much easier and avoid irregularities in treatment.

Furthermore, the original dosages chosen by CEVA for its antibiotics, as well as the precision of quarter-scored pills, allow vets to prescribe antibiotic molecules with great accuracy. Indeed the aim of a tablet-based antibiotic treatment is to ensure high concentrations of antibiotics in the bloodstream of the animal under treatment, and these concentrations must always remain well above a threshold known as the MIC (minimum inhibitory concentration). 

All the main families of molecules are available in this dosage form developed by the CEVA Group:

  • Beta-lactam antibiotics:  AMOXIVAL®KESIUM®,THERIOS® are first-line broad-spectrum antibiotics for dogs and cats
  • Lincosamides: ZODON® is a narrow-spectrum molecule that is administered only once a day.
  • Fluoroquinolones: EFEX®, XEDEN® are second-line antibiotics 

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