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Solution for injection

Alfabedyl 2 mg.pdf

Indications for use: Controlled breeding.

Composition: Alfaprostol (2 mg), Propylen glycol (1 ml)

Target species

Amounts to be administered


Cows and heifers

0.75 ml ALFABEDYL® / 100 kg b.w. (equivalent to 1.5 mg alfaprostol)

with maximum of 4 ml per animal

Sows, gilts

1 ml ALFABEDYL® (equivalent to 2 mg alfaprostol)

per animal


1.5 ml ALFABEDYL® (equivalent to 3 mg alfaprostol)

per animal

Storage: Room temperature, below 25° C

Pack sizes: Glass vials of 4, 20 and 40 ml

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