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Suspension for injection, for cattle, pig, dog and cats


Indications for use

Treatment of infections due to Gram-negative and/or Gram-positive bacteria sensitive to penicillin/dihydrostreptomycin (respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections, urogenitalis infections, skin and soft tissue infections, swine erysipelas, omphalitis)



1 ml of product contain :

Procaine benyzlpenicillin                                                           200 mg

Dihydrostreptomycin sulphate                                                    200.000 IU


Amounts to be administered and administration route

Intramuscular or subcutaneous route.

- cattle: 0,5 ml INTRAMICINE / 10 kg b.w.,  during 3-5 days

- pigs, dogs, cats: 1 ml INTRAMICINE / 10 kg b.w., during 3-5 days

Shake the bottle to mix the suspension before use.


Withdrawal period

Cattle - meat and offals: 30 days

          - milk: 4 days (8 milkings)

Pigs - meat and offals: 30 days.


Special precautions for storage

Shelf-life of the veterinary medicinal product as package for sale: 24 months. Shelf-life after first opening the immediate package: 28 days. Do not store above 25°C.



Type II coloured glass vials / chlorobutyl stopper with aluminium cap

Coloured PET flasks / chlorobutyl stopper with aluminium cap

Pack size

100 ml and 250 ml

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